Food, Wine, And Kind Spirits

Amelia Island
Culinary Academy

Amelia Island

Learn to Cook in Paradise

Fun-filled cooking classes in the heart of downtown Fernandina Beach.


Amelia Island

Fine Dining in the Historic District

Fresh ingredients, unobtrusive service, and a one-of-kind dining experience.

Marlin & Barrel

Amelia Island

Handcrafted Rum, Vodka and Cocktails

The distillery that is leaving quite the impression on locals, visitors and Amelia Island as a whole.

Patio Place

Amelia Island

Wine in a Comfortable, Warm Setting

The spacious patio is welcoming after a long day on the beach.

For most travelers, food & wine establishments are benchmarks for a destination. For Amelia Island locals, the dynamic options for food and wine are abundant in their hometown. However, it's not just the places, but also the faces of this quaint town that make Amelia Island such a beloved destination.

Amelia Island

Amelia Island Culinary Academy

Nestled in historic downtown Fernandina Beach is a charming bungalow that is home to the Amelia Island Culinary Academy, owned by Professional Chef Bill Thompson. Chef Bill embodies the genuine spirit of Amelia Island with his warm, amiable "southern" personality, enthusiasm and passion. When you cook with Chef Bill for the first time, you feel like you are home cooking with a new friend - a friend who happens to be a professional culinary chef. Chef Bill is extremely knowledgeable and almost evangelical in his passion for cooking.

The loveable father of five is in his element when he is teaching one of his popular Children's Cooking Classes, which are interactive and educational classes specifically for kids. Parents can enjoy a date night while their children receive quality cooking time with Chef Bill.

Along with his Children's Cooking Classes, Chef Bill offers Tasting Tours, Participation Classes, Demonstration Classes and will even design customized cooking classes for special events. If you choose one of the Participation Classes, Chef Bill teaches an excellent hands-on pasta making class. You'll be able to use an authentic Italian hand-cranked pasta machine - well over 30 years old - inherited from Chef Bill's first generation Italian-American father-in-law. Whichever class you choose, you will receive a focused, unhurried and professional cooking lesson in a convivial atmosphere.

We initially set out to get a twenty-question interview from Chef Bill. Our interview quickly turned into a cooking lesson over a jovial conversation, filled with laughter, lessons and informative tips. We were only able to get six interview questions from him… and that was quite alright with us. We were in the presence of fantastic company, learning a new skill and making culinary art. Aside from full bellies, extra take-home pasta, and a new skill, THIS is what we managed to leave with.

For Chef Bill's own recipes and more, take a look at the weekly cooking column he helms - "Cheffed Up" in Folio Weekly. Classes and tours fill up quickly so contact Amelia Island Culinary Academy today to get in some quality cooking time!

Amelia Island

Three Cheers For Burlingame

Defining things seem to come in threes, don't they? Three course meals, three cheers, three flavors in neapolitan ice cream... you get the idea. Burlingame Restaurant in Amelia Island is the culinary contrivance of three tenacious, Harley-driving food lovers with a mission to carry out three simple objectives: serve fresh ingredients, provide unobtrusive service, and offer a one-of-kind dining experience in a relaxed environment. Even Burlingame's logo, a cleverly hidden double entendre, pays homage to the defining power of three.

The Fanellis, Eric and Deb, and Chef Chad Livingston are the pasionately creative trio of partners that brought the idea of Burlingame Restaurant to fruition. They were asked individually to describe themselves using only one word. Deb fittingly chose two words, "elegantly quirky", while Eric chose "focused" and Chef Chad chose "curious".

Too often, restaurants become stale and complacent in their menu options. Burlingame diners are encouraged to dine frequently and "surrender to the chef", as the menu is constantly changing - not only with the seasons, but also with the creative genius of Chef Chad and his staff. The art of the cuisine is created from the right blend of vegetarian, meat and fish menu options. Deb says, "We're not opening bags here. It's all from scratch - from the pastas to the sauces, it's all made from raw materials." You can taste and see the dedication to fresh ingredients in each exemplary dish. For example, the Snapper is presented beautifully and blends every flavor spectacularly, and the autumnal Roasted Beets Salad is a delicious favorite that has been known to convert even the pickiest of vegetable eaters.

When you dine at Burlingame you will experience an elegantly quirky restaurant with a focused mission to source and use fresh ingredients, prepared by a chef who's curious enough to give each menu item a pleasant and charming twist. Reservations are recommended at this local gem, so book today.

Amelia Island

Pull Up a Stool at Marlin & Barrel

"This is one of Amelia Island's best kept secrets!" - Rhondella6257, TripAdvisor

Sitting in downtown Fernandina is a young but thriving distillery that is leaving quite the impression on locals, visitors and the destination as a whole. Here lies an establishment where the owners engage guests with friendly countenance, wonderful service and unbeatable product knowledge. Guests can enjoy handcrafted rum and vodka, merchandise, tours and samples. Venture Vodka is hand crafted, distilled, and bottled all by hand, as is Bearing Light Rum, known for its sweetness, luster and smoothness. The Orangecello is a local favorite but many personalized and crafted cocktails can be enjoyed, all in the presence of fantastic service in a free-spirited atmosphere.

Marlin & Barrel

Amelia Island

The Patio Place

When it comes to enjoying a glass of wine in a comfortable, warm setting THE PATIO PLACE is the new place to go on the island. Paired with a sweet or savory crepe or any of the restaurant's shareable plates, the spacious patio is welcoming after a long day on the beach. A gluten-free menu and vegetarian options are available along with a unique array of beverages.

Located just off the coast of northeast Florida, Amelia Island is easy to reach, but hard to forget. With 13 miles of beautiful beaches, abundant native wildlife, and pristine waters, this barrier island has long been a beloved destination for visitors and residents alike.